Hvolsvöllur, Iceland

Lava Centre

Iceland is one of the most active places in the world when it comes to volcanic activity. So if you have always been fascinated by volcanoes but too afraid to get close, The Lava Centre in Iceland is the place to be. Lava centre recently opened in Iceland and is the largest volcano and earthquake exhibition centre in Europe.

The centre is situated one hour away from the capital city of Reykjavik in the town of Hvolsvöllur and it couldn’t be in a more better location. From Lava centre is a line of sight to five active volcanoes, Vestmannaeyjar, Katla Eyjafjallajökull Tindfjoll and Hekla. Inside the centre the experience is equally as fascinating. The whole experience is designed to be interactive and visitors can feel exactly what a volcanic eruption is like. There will be fake ash clouds to walk through, a tunnel with magma flowing around it and a room that shakes like an earthquake. As well as that there will be a cinema with 4K HD footage of real life eruptions and a 12-metre-high volcanic simulation of the Mantle Plume.

However, the total experience is only complete if you are also immersed in the loud low frequency rumble and blowout sounds and when you can hear the loud humming sounds that are part of every eruption. A fully equipped professional audio installation that could provide the various rooms with corresponding sound effects was therefore an absolute necessity. Lava centre chose Feris' expertise to provide a balanced, easy to use and high-quality installation. After a study of the environment and the customers’ requirements, it soon became clear that an AUDAC installation was the best choice for the project.

The project had some challenges to face. There was only very limited time available to carry out the entire installation. Moreover, during the drawing up of the project it was not yet clear what the specific purposes of the various rooms were. But fortunately, AUDAC's versatile and easy-to-install speakers ensured a smooth installation, allowing the customer to carry on the opening with great satisfaction.

In 2018, Lava centre won the Design Integration Awards at the PVS Awards due to the beautiful integration of speakers in a unique environment. 

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