Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Ice-Skating Track

The Dutch traditionally do very well in ice-skating sports. No wonder that during the winter months pop-up ice-skating tracks across the country are quickly becoming a common sight. Like in Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, where they were looking for a perfect audio installation that could endure the harsh conditions on these ice-skating tracks.

Excellent background music was absolutely necessary for setting the right atmosphere while voice broadcasting had to ensure smooth guidance of all the events organized on the track. To achieve this, they decided to use 16 AUDAC WX502/OW 100V outdoor speakers to fill the entire 400-metre track with music and speech.

The AUDAC WX series is one of the few loudspeakers to withstand very low temperatures and high humidity found just above the ice. Through the 110 degree dispersion of the WX502/OW speakers, excellent sound quality and speech intelligibility is achieved.

The audio is managed by an R2 multi-zone digital audio matrix while information and security messages can be announced with the APM116MK2 digital paging microphone.

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