Astana, Kazakhstan


Kazakhstan is one of the fastest growing economies in Central Asia and the birthplace of the idea for a new self-service store chain selling perfume and cosmetics called Beautymania. A decade later, business is booming and there are already 42 Beautymania shops in 18 different cities throughout Kazakhstan. In these stores a wide range of personal care products, perfumes, cosmetics and accessories for both men and women are provided. For their new flagship shop located in the beautiful Mega Silk Way shopping mall in the capital city of Astana, they looked for a suitable partner to purchase and install their audio installation.

A quality audio installation ensures a pleasant atmosphere and increases shopping pleasure. So Beautymania contacted STEPline, the official AUDAC distributor in Kazakhstan, for a simple but very reliable multi-functional audio system that could not only provide a perfectly balanced sound throughout the store, but also met a number of other needs.

The complete audio coverage in the store is done through the CS75 in-ceiling speakers, which, because of their elegant grille and optimal sound quality, you can hear perfectly but are almost invisible in their surroundings. They also fit seamlessly into the Beautymania's luxurious shopping environment.

The music itself comes from the new MSP40 media player which is specifically designed for the commercial sector. It can easily play all your existing playlists by a USB flash drive, read almost all media files and has no trouble doing its job for long periods of time. With the intuitive user system and the convenient LCD screen, the system can be controlled by almost everyone.

Besided playing music, more practical uses for the system were required. The PDM200 paging microphone makes it easy to transmit spoken messages to the retail area and utility rooms. This way, it is possible to quickly transfer messages to the staff but also inform customers about new discounts and bargains.

In a large shopping mall, safety is a crucial point of attention. So the special ATU44 converter module has been added in order to connect Beautymania's internal audio system to the Mega Silk Way general voice announcement system. As a result, any security messages can also be played directly in the shopping space without delay.

In a nutshell, Beautymania's customers can go hunting for bargains in a safe, pleasant environment while enjoying clear and sharp background music. And don't forget, studies have shown that the right background music stimulates sales figures, which will make their investments pay off quickly.

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