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The AUDAC System manager is a software application for Windows, Linux and MacOS which is the main tool for firmware updates, system configuration and backups for all AUDAC devices.
This application will automatically detect and download the latest Firmware for all AUDAC devices to keep your equipment up to date without any additional effort.
Firmware updates can be achieved directly via the local network or with a USB transfer.
Detect all 'smart' devices with their peripherals in your network even if they are out of IP range.

Other functions such as creating and reloading device backups, preloading configurations to peripheral devices and system monitoring will make any installers' life easier.

For some functions, the APC100 configuration unit is required to establish the connection between the System manager (software) and the physical device.

Due to the popularity and time-proven efficacy of the technology, we decided to implement a graphical environment to interact with your WaveDynamics™ settings.

As a result, we can now proudly present you with the AUDAC WaveDynamics™ Configurator and all the bells and whistles it entails.

This updates includes:

  •   System integration
  •   Device selection
  •   Custom filtering
  •   Detailed visualization
  •   Total recall

Please note: The AUDAC WaveDynamics™ Configurator only works on Windows


▼   Download for Windows (64 bit)

▼   Download for MacOS & Linux (64 bit)

▼   Download for User Manual (Windows)

▼   Download for User Manual (Mac)

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