Mama Kelly

The Hague, the Netherlands

In the old Callabero factory of The Hague one of the trendiest eateries of the city recently opened its doors. The newly opened place calls itself an urban bistro and goes by the name of “Mama Kelly”.

The restaurant, designed by the world-famous hospitality designer Rein Rambaldo, succeeds in recreating the old industrial atmosphere by preserving many of the authentic interior elements such as the original cigarette factory’s heating system.

Housing a restaurant in such a gigantic old factory naturally comes with some acoustic challenges. To provide the space with background music, Rambaldo decided to work with 10 AUDAC WX502 wall speakers. Due to their compact, modern and robust design, they blend in perfectly with their surroundings. But above all, one is able to create a warm and at the same time crystal clear sound, facilitating the perfect balance between the raw industrial setting on the one hand and coziness on the other.

Mama Kelly was nominated for the prestigious International Design Awards.

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