Zulekha hospital

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Today, the Zulekha Hospital represents Total Healthcare that’s accessible to anyone in need of any kind of medical attention. Due to their high standards on all fields, their hospital needed a system that would be extremely reliable and efficient. That is why they chose for AUDAC for their complete audio solution. In total 380 x CS55 ceiling loudspeakers and 25 x AWP06 waterproof ceiling loudspeakers where installed throughout the entire hospital. To power these loudspeakers they used 8 x CAP224 dual channel 100V power amplifiers together with 3 x CPA12 singe channel 100V power amplifiers. As the brain of the operation they installed 2 x R2 multi-zone digital audio matrix systems that are linked together with optic fibre cables creating one system that also allows the CMP30 audio source to be available on all outputs. Besides the audio sources installed, the APM116 digital paging microphone is also able to send spoken or pre recorded messages to all 16 output zones.

Products used:

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