19" line transformer installation plate

The TR3000 is a 19" 2HE installation plate to mount the TR3000 series line transformers. On this plate, almost any combination of line transformers can be mounted, providing a stable and rigid construction for any 100V application. Depending on the power of the desired transformer, up to 8 transformers can be mounted on the TR3000 installation plate. The quantities of transformers which can be mounted on the TR3000 installation plate: - 8 x TR3030 (OD: 80 mm) - 8 x TR3040 (OD: 85 mm) - 8 x TR3060 (OD: 85 mm) - 8 x TR3080 (OD: 90 mm) - 4 x TR3120 (OD: 105 mm) - 4 x TR3240 (OD: 130 mm) - 2 x TR3480 (OD: 170 mm)

Product features
Dimensions 483 x 88 x 310 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 3.400 kg
Construction Steel

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