Terminal block to terminal block (2p - 5.08mm)

This cable is especially designed for time-saving purposes when wiring-up equipment racks for complex installations. The connectors are fitted with a grip for easy plugging and unplugging which acts at the same time as a strain relief. The cable is on both sides terminated with a 2-pin Terminal Block connector with a pitch of 5.08 mm and has a conductor section of 2 x 1mm². This makes it suitable for many interconnections between devices such as Amplifiers and Matrix systems to Output Transformer Modules. Some examples of equipment using this kind of connections are: DPA-Series amplifiers, POW2 matrix power kit and TRU line Transformer series.


  • CLA530/0.5 - 0,5 meter
  • CLA530/1 - 1 meter
  • CLA530/1.5 - 1,5 meter
  • CLA530/2 - 2 meter
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