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Public address amplifiers

These high efficient, multi-channel public address mixing amplifiers for low impedance and 100V applications provide the ideal solution for small to medium sized commercial sound systems. The different configurations in terms of output power and connectivity provide an enormous flexibility.

Single channel 100V amplifiers

These professional single-channel power amplifiers are designed to be used in any 100V PA system. For greater flexibility, they are equipped with both high and low impedance power outputs for accordance with the attached speakers. 

Multi channel 100V amplifiers

These professional multi-channel power amplifiers are designed to be used in any 100V PA system. Their use of Class-D technology in combination with switching power supplies ensure excellent efficiency and reliability.

WaveDynamics power amplifiers

The SMA & SMQ series are Class-D power amplifiers featuring WaveDynamics™ audio processing technology. They come in different output configurations with two or four channels and are available in output powers of 350W, 500W and 750W. Their great flexibility and different configurations make them the solution for nearly every system, no matter if it’s a fixed installation or a mobile application.

Mini stereo amplifiers

Perfect for small installations where relatively low power is required, these compact sized power amplifiers offer multiple control and source connectivity possibilities.

Their Class-D technology, standby mode and included switching power supply make them compliant with the highest energy efficiency and environmental requirements.  

Power-efficient amplifiers

The standard power amplifiers are Class-D power amplifiers designed to meet the requirements for various kinds of applications, ranging from standard stereo home applications to multi-zone distributed speaker systems. They combine the best of all features in one single series of amplifiers, providing an outstanding sound quality with all the known advantages of Class-D amplifiers, such as the excellent efficiency and very low heat dissipation. Due to the complete passively cooled entity, only a minimal of maintenance is needed, while ensuring maximum reliability.

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